•   I’ve never done this before- is this for me? 

         No experience is required for any DIY Class. Full instruction by our Production Team is always provided regardless of experience!

•   Who can take a class?

         Anyone ages 5 and up! We staff highly qualified instructors who have extensive experience working with children, adults, special needs individuals of all ages including ASD, and much  more. We also have staff capable of instruction in Spanish, German, and Italian.

•   What do I need to bring?

          All supplies and required materials are provided and included in the class fees.

•  Do you blow glass?

          No, we are a fused glass studio. With fused glass, you work at a table, and when you are done, you carefully put the glass in the kiln to cook. In blown glass you need to blow and work right in the furnace!

•   Can I use my own glass?

          Nope! We have a lot of amazing material that is at your disposal. 

•   When will my project be ready?

          Unless otherwise mentioned, projects will be finished in 7 days and the Production Team will call when ready for pick-up. Larger classes/more complicated projects may take a bit longer, but your class instructor will let you know what to expect at the time of the class. 

•   I’m from out of town, can it be mailed?

          Yes! We would be happy to send your project to you. We utilize USPS Priority Mail Shipping unless otherwise instructed. Projects take the same amount of time to process (see above), but will be mailed as soon as they’re done. Paid postage is required.

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