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At the Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Studio, our vision is to be a globally recognized art brand that empowers women. Your purchase of a butterfly will aid in raising awareness about sex trafficking of women through a traveling art installation, The Freedom Wall. Each individual butterfly represents a human trafficked victim, but together it is a movement to end human trafficking.

We partner with different charitable organizations hoping to spotlight the work they are doing in our community and the needs they have. These products have a purpose! With every sale made, part of the proceeds gives back to our partnering organizations.

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A friend of the Glass House, Shannon Bruce, came to us with the idea to create a new Product with a Purpose. She celebrated her 50th birthday with us and simultaneously launched this movement. Her message to us was:

Our glass butterflies are part of an art movement called “Chrysalis” because we have chosen a glass butterfly to represent the voices of women who have been part of the human trafficking industry to be set free.The butterfly is a perfect representation of these girls and women being freed because of the nature of its paradoxical journey. While the butterfly emerges as an exquisite creature full of vibrancy, it starts off in a preparation and transitory stage from its beginnings as a pupa encased in a chrysalis where it undergoes its metamorphosis.Throughout its developmental process, the butterfly goes through a messy evolution and ultimately painful struggle to finally be set free.This is exactly our desire—that this art movement of butterflies flying freely on an art wall will end the pain and suffering caused to young girls and women because of the sex trafficking industry.

You can be a part of this legacy, through buying a butterfly and giving voice to this cause.

Each butterfly that’s purchased will go toward the final artwork which is a Butterfly Art Wall known as “Chrysalis” which will be a beautiful visual representation of the voices and lives of girls and women in trafficking being set free. Once the butterfly wall is complete, it will be housed in a public location to create ongoing awareness to further the momentum of the cause.

In addition to collaborating with The Glass House, I am partnering with Shared Hope International because of the great work they are doing locally, nationally and globally to educate and empower to end sex trafficking.Their mission is to prevent, restore and bring justice to women and children victimized and vulnerable to sex trafficking.  They envision a world passionately opposed to sex trafficking and are a community committed to restoring survivors to lives of purpose, value, and choice – one life at a time. Shared Hope International will be the beneficiary of the net proceeds generated from the sale of the glass butterflies, which can be purchased for yourself, as a gift or for the butterfly wall.

Here’s more from Shared Hope International on this important cause:

While the government estimates that 15-17,000 foreign victims are trafficked into the country every year to be used in forced labor or sex, the number of American born children trafficked within the U.S. far outweighs them. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) estimates that approximately 100,000 American children are trafficked into the commercial sex industry every year, with up to 300,000 at risk. Many agencies have reported that the COMMON age of recruitment into the commercial sex industry is 14-16 years old but we have seen victims as young as 9 years of age. Shared Hope International’s research across the nation revealed that victims come from every race, ethnicity and socioeconomic background. While some youth have more extreme vulnerabilities, the reality is that all youth are vulnerable due to their age. Traffickers prey on their vulnerabilities, eager to manipulate them into believing his/her lies and promises.

These stats are exactly why I want to take action!

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