When I started off in a smaller studio 8 years ago, I never could have imagined being where we are now.

 We have been in this building for two years now!

The art, the people, the stories, the dreams, and THIS COMMUNITY;
We have grown together and we would never be The Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Studio without YOU ALL!
Really, what we have built together is what we are celebrating; it’s so beautiful.

I first thought about Products with a Purpose when I couldn’t sleep one night. I was thinking what a powerful image that my Glass Warrior Spears represented, and how they needed to stand for something greater.
That was the beginning of my dream and it’s reality that
 we are now launching on Friday, June 20. 

At first, our monthly Art Walks were focused on introducing fine artists, emerging artists, and crafters to the community, giving them a place to show their work.
And NOW we are adding another element:
our Products With A Purpose!
It’s incredible to think about how this idea has now blossomed into one that partners with over 12 nonprofits and organizations, with specific things being made here at the studio for enjoyment and with purpose.

I call these partnerships the wind beneath our wings!
This new purpose inspires us and others to be warriors while helping to 

heal the world.

Beyond the studio and myself, I have also gotten my family involved.
We are going to Burkina Faso, Africa!

We have always wanted to take a family trip that focuses on helping to heal the world, and my son James, who is studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor, has always wanted us to go to Africa. So when I heard about Walk in the Light International, I reached out to our friend Katy there, and said:

 “What can we do? How can we get involved?”

And now we are travelling with this month’s partner, Walk In The Light International, to set up a healthcare center!!!
James, Niles, my husband Steve, and I are preparing to leave
December 19, just before Christmas.

From all of us here at The Glass House–
Be inspired and excited, and together we can be part of helping to heal our community, and our world!
Here’s to many more years and so many more celebrations!

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