Pay it Forward Loans for Women’s Empowerment via Lisa Stirrett Gallery

As many of you know, Lisa and the team at the Studio believe in giving back. That’s why they started the Pay It Forward Loan program in partnership with the nonprofit 501(c)3 organization Walk in the Light International so these micro-finance loans could help women in Burkina Faso, West Africa. You can make a tax-deductible donation to contribute to or fully fund a loan to one of these women.

Lisa is headed back to Burkina Faso, West Africa to work with her girls and their businesses. She leaves in a week. She is offering artwork for every fully funded loan. If you would like to help or want one of these women and receive one of her works of art in exchange, please contact Lisa by June 15th.

Here is a brief summary of each woman and their loan request. You can then click through to the ones that tug at your heart and select the artwork that you want. Did you know there are over 20 groups who have been funded and we have a 100% payback rate. These loans are changing lives. There are no admin fees and no interest. These loans keep rolling over and help fund additional woman-owned businesses. Your money truly keeps on giving.


Guetawende Koala story

Guetawende Koala wants to start a Condiments Business

Pedwende Kabore story

Pedwende Kabore started a Chicken Breeding business

Alphonsine Zemba story

Alphonsine Zemba wants to start a Cold Water Business


Celine Moungoubou story

Celine Moungoubou plans to start a Pig Breeding business

Chantal Illy story

Chantal Illy wants to start a Shoe Seller Business


Claire Ouedraogo story

Claire Ouedraogo is starting a Goat Breeder business


Group of Odette Ladies story

The Ladies called the Group of Odette wants to start a Cereals Business to sell condiments


Lucie Kabore story

Lucie Kabore wants to start a Sheep Breeding business

Nadine Kabre story

Nadine Kabre wants to start a Beauty Products Business


Nana Madeleine story

Nana Madeleine wants to start a Cake Selling business


Pauline Zemba story

Pauline Zemba wants to start a Wick Seller Business


The Ladies of Relwendes Group story

The Ladies of the Relwendes Group plan to start a Sheep Breeding business


Suzanne Kabore story

Suzanne Kabore is working on a Fruit Seller Business


The Ladies of Wendendas Group story

The Ladies of Wendendas Group are starting a Sheep Breeding business


Esther Yameogo story

Esther Yameogo is working on a Pig Breeding Business


Salome Ido story

Salome Ido is starting a Cow Breeding business


Colette Ouedraogo story

Colette Ouedraogo is working on a Cow Breeding Business

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