Women’s Empowerment/Pay It Forward Loans

Our vision is to become a globally recognized art brand that empowers women.  We are committed to that vision through our glass artwork and our work with women in Burkina Faso, West Africa. As a partnership we created the Pay It Forward Loan program to help women in Burkina start their own businesses. Through sales of our glass work and donations we have successfully developed and funded thriving spice, leather, soap, jewelry, pig farming businesses, and more!

100% of every dollar donated goes toward funding a business loan. Once repaid, all of the proceeds fund another loan so your gift truly keeps on giving.

Want to get involved? Make a tax deductible donation here: Pay It Forward Loans or buy a Tea Light or Handmade Necklace from the Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Studio and a portion of your purchase will go to fund a woman’s business in Africa.

Meet some of our women!

Village Farm & Garden!

Help build a farm and garden in Burkina Faso, West Africa, in a village called Rhialo. The farm and garden will be part of Walk in the Light’s curriculum to teach agriculture, vet care, and feeding and breeding of animals. Teachers will instruct the curriculum, but women in the village will oversee the farming where proceeds will go towards the feeding program for the children of Rhialo.

Farm: Any Donation Helps!

Chicken: $10

Pig: $50

Goat: $50

Cow: $150

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