Lisa started with a small studio in her garage, in which she worked on her gyotaku and encaustic paintings and taught classes. When she became interested in working with glass and steel, Lisa decided to take a chance and purchase a small building on Munson Street in Silverdale. That space became her first public studio.

In 2011, an old building on Silverdale Way came up for sale, and Lisa took another chance, bought the building, and spent a year renovating it to become the perfect studio and gallery space for her work.

While renovating the awesome building, Lisa discovered its fascinating history: the original owner of the land was Ole Dahl of Dahl & Peterson’s, which is now known as Dahl Glass. Ole sold the property to Roy Junnell in 1947, and he built a building from which to sell Farmall tractors and house his custom auto repair shop. In the early 1960’s, Irving DeGroot purchased the building to use as a logging supply shop. He also sold just about every kind of nut or bolt a person could possibly be looking for.

After Ivring DeGroot’s death in 1984, his son rented the building to Silverdale Antiques until 2007, when they moved to the bank building right next door.

The Studio is one if the oldest buildings in Kitsap county, and Lisa took care to preserve as much of the building’s history and unique architecture as she possibly could during the remodel. The one-of-a-kind structure and interior detailing make this building the perfect studio and gallery for Lisa.