Ashes for Loved Ones

Come create your own glass pieces – Respectfully fused with your loved ones ashes.

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Fused Memories: Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in Glass

Fuse the ashes of your loved ones, human or pet, into a beautiful glass treasure with our instruction. 

Utilize our sifting method to add ashes to any of our 165+ projects. All ashes are either sifted onto the glass itself, or returned to the vessel your ashes come in. Dignity and respect are foundational in our process, and your piece is treated with immense care throughout the entire process. 

Choose your music, sit in reflection, take your time. This is YOUR process, we are just here to guide you through the process. 

This class is charged as an add-on to any typical DIY Open Studio Class, with a $50 service fee.