Freedom Butterfly Wall

Each butterfly represents a sex trafficked victim being set free, and the wall represents the movement to stop sex trafficking. This is exactly our desire—that this art movement of butterflies flying freely on an art wall will end the pain and the suffering caused to young girls and women because of the sex trafficking industry. 

Be a part of the legacy!

Learn how to create your own beautiful Freedom Butterfly Wall :

Who can create a wall? Where can it go?
 Anyone, Any group, Any organization!

Simply pick an interior or exterior wall in a high traffic area where the butterflies will be seen. Make sure you get permission AND if the wall is located in an unsupervised location, the butterflies should be installed above the public’s reach. Each wall can be installed permanently, or be an Art Piece that travels within your city!

Who does this benefit?

40% of all Profits from the sales of the Butterflies go to Scarlet Road, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that exists to offer the hope of freedom to those who have been sexually exploited through holistic care.

It is our desire that this art movement of butterflies flying freely on an art wall will end the pain and suffering caused to young girls and women because of the sex trafficking industry. Creating a wall brings awareness to help stop this industry. You can be a part of this movement.

Color and Design
The Artist, Lisa Stirrett, will help guide you through wall choice, colors of the butterflies, and the design of your Freedom Butterfly Wall. You can reach Lisa by clicking HERE, or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.
How Much Does It Cost?

There are 2 different ways to Create your Butterfly wall.


You can purchase Freedom Butterflies individually to Independently create your own Freedom Butterfly Wall.

Small butterflies (available here) are $55, and Large Butterflies (available here) are $80. Brackets included! Artist recommends 3 to 1 ratio small to large butterflies when creating a wall.


We have designed 4 different packages to choose from, starting from 55 butterflies, up to 200 butterflies. Included with Each Package are a set amount of butterflies, assistance from the artist, Lisa Stirrett, to design the perfect wall for you, a photoshop rendering of what your wall will look like, brackets, mockup paper butterflies for installation, a beautiful glass sign, and fliers to help spread the word about the work being done to end sex trafficking by Scarlet Road.

Prices range from $4,100 – $13,000, excluding installation.

For more information about a Freedom Butterfly Wall in your area, you can reach Lisa here.

*Installation –

Self Installation: The Mockup Paper Butterflies are included in your package to tape up onto your wall to designate where the butterflies will be installed. The photoshop rendering will help guide you through the installation.

Artist Installation: Artist Lisa Stirrett would be happy to come install your butterflies for you. What she would need is 1 finishing carpenter, transportation, accommodations, and an hourly fee to be provided. Installation is $80 Per Hour.


Fundraising for your Wall / Marketing


If fundraising is a necessity, we have a lot of different ideas on how you can fundraise with different groups. Please feel free to give us a call anytime! 

Marketing:  The freedom butterfly wall lends itself to newspaper and journal press releases. Contact your local groups to bring awareness, as well as talking with your local police force about this issue in your area.

Please consider having Scarlet Road come speak about how to use your business as a force for good. Their messages can be appropriate for youth in grades 8-12, professional organizations, companies, or churches. You can reach theme HERE to explore further.

How do I Start?

-We’re so excited that you want to be a part of this movement. It’s easy to get started. There are 3 simple steps to take next:


Step 1:


  • Find a Wall! Take a photo of the space.


Step 2:


  • Use the form below to contact us.


Or, you could call or email  Lisa Stirrett of the Glass House Directly! 


Lisa Stirrett (360) 613-5472

Scarlet Road (360) 850-9718


Watch a freedom wall be installed!

Contact us to Create your Own Freedom Wall