Tea Lights

Our signature tea light candle holders are a brand staple. With over 80 unique designs, inspired by the Pacific Northwest, plains of Africa, spirituality, and much more. There is sure to be a tea light for everyone!

Our tea lights can be displayed in a variety of ways- in a window, on your dinner table, next to your bathtub, you name it! Each and every tea light is individually handmade by our dedicated team under direction of iconic glass artist Lisa Stirrett. Handmade glass tea lights add glimmer and light to your home, garden, or holiday decor.

Our studio cannot do the things it does without the support of guests like yourself. A percentage of every sale, from tea lights to Open Studio Classes, is handed directly to our team in Burkina Faso, West Africa for educational, and business loans for women, sewing schools, and much more.

Be confident in knowing that we continue to expand and grow in our love for this studio, our work abroad, and our guests and have amazing plans in store for the future.

We as a community are empowered to make a difference in this world through glass, and as Creative Warriors we intend to do just that!

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