Fused Memories, Lights of a Life – Serenity Prayer


Fused Memories: Honoring those who have passed on in Glass. Fuse the ashes of your loved ones, human or pet, into a beautiful glass treasure.

Select the tealight that speaks to you the best, and we will send you a tin for the loved one’s ashes. Upon receiving, we will carefully apply the ashes to the tea light, fire it, and return it to you with the remaining ashes as a finished art piece and one of a kind keepsake.


These memorial tea light candle holders are a beautiful way to preserve your loved ones memories for eternity. Upon payment, we will send a vessel for your ashes in a package with pre-paid postage. Please send the ashes (we only need about a teaspoon) in the vessel in the pre-paid postage to us, and in about a month we will have your finished treasure mailed back to you to cherish forever!

Illuminate your life with our Signature Tea Light Candle Holders. Each Tea Light is individually hand-crafted in our small studio in Silverdale, Washington using a unique fusing method under direction of celebrated Glass Artist and Owner, Lisa Stirrett.

Your Purchase has Power Here! With every item sold, proceeds benefit our studio Non-Profit, Creative Warriors which Empowers Women locally and globally for Life to provide for their families and raise themselves out of poverty. Learn more at Creative-Warriors.org


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